Team Gesture

Gesture’s nonprofit fundraising technology team

We have boundless energy, the type that is both infectious and inspiring. Without complaint or seeming effort we get things done. Our people are the type you want at your side because we always have your back.

Team Gesture is dedicated to ensuring you have a successful event. From working closely with you to determine how best to achieve the goals of your organization to executing a flawless event, we are here to assist you.

Our Team Is Your Team

Account Executive

Account Executives are eager to learn about your organization and cause. Your Account Executive introduces you to Gesture and helps you determine what products best meet the needs of your event.

Account Manager

Account Managers are experts and work closely with you to plan all fundraising components for your event. Your AM will be on hand in the weeks and days leading up to your event to answer any questions you may have and provide recommendations as to what items, methods, and practices are most successful.

Event Specialists (OSM)

Your Event Specialists helps deliver a great giving experience for your guests. Your OSM leads a team of Gesture Pros and remains in close communication with you during your event to ensure we exceed your expectations.

The importance of the relationships we have with our partners cannot be overstated. Each letter of gratitude sent to us after an event acts as a constant reminder of how lucky we are to be able to help so many remarkable individuals and organizations make a difference.

Their team is always going above and beyond to make our event unforgettable! Can’t do it without Gesture!

Maggie Dourian

Maggie Dourian

Assistant Buyer, Costco Wholesale

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Your whole team was really just simply amazing. You made everything easy for us.

Picture of Lucy Halasz

Lucy Halasz

Event Planner, Polo Under The Palms

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Thank You just does not seem adequate to convey our feelings about Gesture and the performance of their staff.

Taylor Rozier Foundation

Lisa Vallino

Board Member, Taylor Rozier Foundation

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It is such a pleasure to work with Gesture! We commend you for the great individuals you employ.

American Indian Services

American Indian Services

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The key to Gesture’s success has been its passionate team, which works shoulder-to-shoulder every day with individuals who devote their lives to helping others.

When you partner with Gesture, you gain access to so much more than innovative products; you receive a designated team of experts who care about your cause. We understand that even the smallest gesture can have a huge impact.